Lab Tested Ozone-Free

Our Research on Breakthrough UV Tech

UVMask is currently under research and development and is not yet commercially available.

Our research goes beyond filtration with 2-step purification. While typical masks only provide passive protection, UVMask is the world’s first face protection to provide total active UV-C protection. 

As you breathe, the air is sent through the vortex under two state-of-the-art 275nm pure UV-C LEDs. 

Tech that will change your life in 2021
Inventors have raised millions on crowdfunding sites to build better masks
High-tech face masks are embracing UVC light for the ultimate in protection
UVMask is the kind of Kickstarter that I feel secure in recommending

Wearing a mask should make you feel safe.

The Mask: Evolved

UVMask Lite is designed from the ground up to filter and eliminate even the smallest viruses and bacteria.

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UVMask Lite

Your Protection for Construction and Other General Non-Medical Purposes

Future Defense Against Airborne Pathogens

UVMask (currently under research & development) is designed to provide new ways to combat airborne pathogens.

Small Investment. Big Returns.

With UVMask, a pack of 20 high-efficiency filters will last you nearly 3 months — cutting your yearly cost for daily protection nearly 15x — at just $0.14 per day.

Get 6 months’ worth of filters now, and we’ll double it for a year’s worth of total protection. 100% free.

Full-Day, 8-Hour Battery Life

UVMask comes with 2 high-safety LiPo batteries that allow for continuous active UV-C protection for 8 hours on a single charge.

Easily use it plugged into your PC while you work, or attach a power bank to it using the included USB-C cable for those longer 14-16 hour shifts.

Breathe Naturally with Positive Airflow

"Won’t it feel like breathing through a straw?"

UVMask comes with a built-in mechanical fan that forces clean fresh air into the mask with every breath.

Together with the side vents, the constant air circulation doesn’t allow heat build-up even in the hottest tropical climates.